Chex Mix Redux

Chex Mix Redux

I love homemade Chex Mix. I could eat it year round. For reasons of self-discipline, my boyfriend & I restrict our consumption to the holidays/fall/winter (except for the occasional rainy-day summertime batch) . Since it is now that time of the year, we made our first official batch of Chex Mix this weekend. I thought I’d share our recipe for it because we make it tastier than the original (more butter & seasonings). Additionally, the original chex mix recipe is now hard to find–thanks to the advent of microwave chex mix recipes. Make this stuff; it will get you through the winter!

Chex Mix Redux

My updated uber-seasoned version of the favorite holiday snack treat. Make it & share with someone special.

-1 Stick of Butter (salted)
-4+ Tbsp of Worcestershire Sauce (can you use too much?)
-2 Tsp Seasoned Salt
-1 Tsp Garlic Powder
-1 Tsp Onion Powder
-9 Cups of Corn Chex
-1 Cup of Nuts (your preference)
-1 Cup of Pretzels
-1 Cup of Garlic Bagel Chips

Pre-heat oven to 250F. In a large roasting pan, melt butter on the stove, continually stirring around. While melting butter add all the other seasonings. When the butter is completely melted, add cereal, pretzels, nuts, & bagel chips. Bake mixture 1 hour; stir every 15 min. Cool, Serve, & Share!

The advantages of this recipe:
1)More seasonings & flavor (less healthy)
2)Only have 1 type of Cereal (don’t have to eat the remains of 3 boxes of chex mix, and who likes wheat chex anyway?)
3)It’s made in the oven. On a recent sojourn to the grocery store, I discovered the only chex mix recipes on the box were made in the microwave. Gross!

Submitted by: Suzanne

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