My New Canon

As some of you know, me & my old canon recently parted ways. We had been together for over a year, and evidently the old canon wanted to see more of the world than I could show him. In a recent trip to NYC, he left me in Soho. There were few tears (mainly b/c my super-savvy friends immediatley persuaded me to consume mass quantities of hot chocolate, bread, cheese, arugula, & this amazing chocolate cake at a restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien.)

Well, the grieving period is passed & I have moved on to bigger…er smaller…and better cameras. I bought the Canon SD600. And I am once again in love with the intutive display & menus, the design, & the picture quality. No more mourning; now I’m celebrating!

Me and My New Canon
Me with my new Love

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      Alas, I am STILL digi-cam-less. I have GOT to purchase one. What is my problem? Obviously my attachment to disposable cameras is deep.

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