Travel to Reykjavik

**EDITED TO ADD** Check out the December edition of the Atlantic Monthly for an entire article on why Reykjavik in winter ROCKS! Why go to Reykjavik in December? 1. To see The Northern Lights The Northern Lights (aka Aurora Borealis) are visible only from September through April and can only be seen on a clear, crisp night. If you’re lucky […]

Fighting Tigers

It’s a gray day here at the beach–wet & warm; no signs of winter or the impending holidays. I thought I’d share a picture of my babies (Trixie on the left, Texas on the right) boxing this morning. They made me laugh because they’re so serious when they’re play-fighting. click on the image for a really large version of the […]

Chex Mix Redux

I love homemade Chex Mix. I could eat it year round. For reasons of self-discipline, my boyfriend & I restrict our consumption to the holidays/fall/winter (except for the occasional rainy-day summertime batch) . Since it is now that time of the year, we made our first official batch of Chex Mix this weekend. I thought I’d share our recipe for […]

Knitted Flowers

I have begun knitting flowers in my spare time. Knitting flowers comes as close to instant gratification as anything in knitting. They are quick & easy & there are NO RULES. You can use whatever kind of yarn you have laying around & make a whole bouquet. I started with Stephanie Shiman’s (of the Wool Peddler) pattern, “Plethora of Petals,” […]

My New Canon

As some of you know, me & my old canon recently parted ways. We had been together for over a year, and evidently the old canon wanted to see more of the world than I could show him. In a recent trip to NYC, he left me in Soho. There were few tears (mainly b/c my super-savvy friends immediatley persuaded […]