Abandoned Tennis Courts

This past weekend, I was able to explore an abandoned tennis court in North Myrtle Beach. I added the photographs to my series of views on the Abandoned Grand Strand. Things falling apart stand in stark contrast to the surreal, neon tourist destination that the Grand Strand has become. If you look closer, you start to see the entropy everywhere. […]

Saturday Canoe Trip with the SCASLA

I just recently became a member of my professional organization (the SCASLA) and attended my first SCASLA event, the annual canoe trip down the Edisto River. I now present my photo tour: The Outfitters (Carolina Heritage Outfitters) Rob in Action Going Under I-95 Me (Posing) Me (In Action) Wierd Vultures Gathering at the End of Our Trip

Weird Music Video #1

Some of my closest friends know of my love for The Dance. I have practiced & practiced many routines, from Darren’s Dance Grooves to that new bit of pool choreography the girls made up at the last pool party. Now, I feel sure my love of The Dance will be nurtured throughout my lifetime. I have found my inspiration, my […]

My New Chair

The town of Calabash, NC is locally famous for two things: Calabash Seafood & Great Thrift Stores. On a recent sojourn to the area, I came across this great new chair. (I got it for a steal–only $28!) It’s very 80’s, very brown, & very cool. I bought a great new brown/gold/orange rug to help coordinate the 80s chair with […]

Crafty Car

Because I have recently been too busy to do much crafting, I am taking the opportunity to highlight some local outstanding examples of craft. If you visit the North Myrtle Beach Flea Market (on Highway 17 just over the waterway), you may have the good fortune to view this beauty of limousine. I think it the best limo I’ve ever […]

Happy Birthday Mr. Wizard

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Wizard. Don Herbert, aka Mr. Wizard, turned 85 yrs old on July 10. That’s a significant birthday reached by an awesome guy. I bought your books, watched your TV show, and generally attribute a large part of my nerdiness to you. Thanks for making me the geek I am today! You can still buy the […]