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Coveting Shoes & Avoiding the LARE

Coveting Shoes & Avoiding the LARE

I’m taking the 2nd part of my professional licensure exam on Wednesday & Thurday (4/5-6), but I don’t want to talk about that anymore than I want to continue reading on the subjects being tested. Let’s just say it’s all boring–the legal & construction things of landscape architecture. When I’m reading the material, I have to periodically check my pulse to ensure I’m still alive. (It’s that awful!)

I would, however, like to talk about the shoes I covet. Coveting is a sin. I know. BUT LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS SHOES. They can be found at or other similar sites. They’re Campers. They’re beautiful. (I wear a size 11 and will gladly give my address to anyone that wants to bestow these beauties upon me. Just kidding; I think I may have to buy them myself…before they all vanish in my size.)

Gorgeous Shoes

Oh & wish me luck on my exam. I’ll post again when it’s all over.

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