Traffic Court

Well, today I was a lucky girl! I spent 3 hours of my morning sitting in the Horry County Traffic Court with all of my other traffic-law-offending compadres. I’d like to thank Officer Davis for being such a great trooper. Initially, he gave me a $150/No Points ticket. At court, he went ahead and recommended a $75/No Points ticket. Made […]

Charleston Visit

This weekend, I visited the Charleston Museum with my sister to check out their exhibit, “Foundations of Fashion: Two Centuries of Undergarments and Beauty Aids.” It was an interesting exhibit, despite its tiny size & bad location on the first floor under the stairs. Elizabeth (my sister) suggested the trip, and after our museum tour we went to Hyman’s to […]

Happy Anniversary

Today (January 9th) is my 2 year anniversary with my awesome boyfriend Rob. Two years ago this day, I tried to pick him up, was rebuffed, tried again, and got asked for my digits! Here’s to Stoolie’s, best friends, graphic designers, duke plates, first hugs, horror movies, & that wierd guy who kept taking my lutheran sale hat Happy Anniversary […]

New Sewing Machine

I finally did it. I bought my first sewing machine. I have been borrowing my mother’s for awhile, but it never really helps me learn. Her Singer is old & I end breaking the thread constantly; plus, many of its stitches do not work. My mother hangs around, nervously watching me & almost always takes the work and finishes it […]