Post Christmas Vacay

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I really had a great one. I enjoyed an intimate meal Christmas Eve with my boyfriend’s family. The highlight of the evening (aside from the awesome gift-giving & recieving) was the reaction of the 5 dachschunds to their christmas presents. We had lunch on Christmas day at my parent’s house; more of my family came than ever before; there were 28 people there! I enjoyed a rousing game of capture the flag, which I hadn’t played in ages. With 4, 20-somethings, an eleven year old, and 4 kids under 10, you have the makings for a really great game. Crazy kids!

I’ve spent the last two days just relaxing. Today, I re-read the Order of the Phoenix & then bought and read the Half-Blood Prince. It feels great to loll about and read all day. Tomorrow, I really must clean. Yuck.

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