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Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

What Happens when 20-something brothers & sisters get together for a night of cookie-decorating bliss? The results are not so pretty.

Cookie Makers
The Cookie-Decorating Conspirators: Rich, Suzanne, Rob & Elizabeth (from left to right)
A sample of our Rudolphs. Note the decapitated rudolph done by my lovely boyfriend.
Shark Attack
Some more of my boyfriends creations. The one vaguely resembling a Christmas Tree is a "Shark Attack;" evidently the gingerbread men sprinkles were mauled by the green shark in the blue water. The other one is Teddy Bear who lost his whole side to a mauling by a larger bear. That's what happens if you give Rob a cookie even vaguely misshapen.

This picture shows a variety of cookie stylings, from our homage to Mao Tse Tung, to Peace-Joy-Love, to many Goofy Gingerbread-Men-Shaped Creatures. Again, the gingerbread man with a sad face & visible intestines was done by my boyfriend. And no, he's not that sick & twisted.

We had a blast that Sunday Night.

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