The “Unbiased” Bag

I’m currently working on this bag from Knitty: It’s called “Unbiased”. The woman who made the pattern owns The Wool Peddler, an online store where I bought the beautiful, recycled sari silk. AND one day, I shall finish this bag.

Karaoke Good Times

I’m finally pretty much over my case of bronchitis. I’m back to my normal routine, and everything is going pretty well (asides from the fact that it’s 19 days until my LARE exam). This past weekend, my sister came up for a wild night of karaoke and dinner. We cooked ourselves a tasty treat & then headed over to Callie […]


I’m miserably sick right now. Last Tuesday I began sniffling + fever. That continued until Friday when I though I was actually feeling better. No such luck. I spent the weekend on Lake Wylie in Charlotte (will post the pictures later), and it was gorgeous, but I couldn’t really enjoy it because I felt so awful. Now it’s even worse. […]