Olmsted Stamp

This shouldn’t really count as a craft, but I have a lot of things to post over the next days. I got these Frederick Law Olmsted (the founder of American landscape architecture) stamps and framed them to send to a few friends from grad school.

Rainbows & Hurricanes

With all of the crazy and terrifying weather happenings going on right now, I tend to look up at the sky a lot more. Yesterday, while driving up to Shallotte, NC to see Redeye (great thriller btw), I was watching the crazy cloud formations only to discover a tiny rainbow. As we drove further North, more of the rainbow became […]

Rob’s Haircut

Well, It has been quite awhile since I’ve posted. My life just keeps on getting busier & busier. My time is totally taken up by non-post-worthy activity. However, this past Friday, an epic event of groundshaking proportions took place. My boyfriend got his haircut. before: AFTER!!!!! I have to admit that I was quite shocked at first; now that my […]

Alligator Adventure

Yesterday, I took an afternoon fieldtrip to Alligator Adventure with my mom & cousin–Kalliemarie. It was hot, hot, hot but we had a lot of fun as we melted. They have 800 alligators that range in size from babies to huge 13′ adults that weigh 500-600 lbs, UTAN the 20′ “King of the Crocs,” and many other reptiles, birds, river […]

NC Watermelon Festival II

This past Saturday, we went to the NC Watermelon Festival in Fairbluff, NC. The day was rainy, so many of the pictures are gray. All-in-all we had a really fun day. My favorite part of the festival was the parade. It began with all of the emergency vehicles of Fairbluff, followed by 15 tractors of various types, 30 beauty queens, […]