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Tacky Landscapes

Tacky Landscapes

I have begun the somewhat laborious process of cataloging my infamous collection of Tacky Landscapes. This not-quite-world-renowned collection surrounds me in my bedroom; almost every square inch of wall is taken up by them.

Taken individually, they may seem quite ugly, but when viewed as a whole, they offer windows to different (highly-saturated) places and times. Additionally, each acquisition has its own story. Not a one cost more that $10 at a flea market except for the 2 Wallace Nutting hand-tinted mini photographs that I have. I got the piece above at a flea market in Conway, SC that no longer exists. I was visiting my parents during Spring Break while in my third year of grad school. My ex-boyfriend, Matt, was with me when I scored this amazing jig-sawed landscape. It’s really beautiful; the colors are great.

There are more still to come!

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