Fancy Crab Dip

Fancy Crab Dip

My momma taught me how to make this easy crowd-pleasing appetizer. As long as I take this dip to a party, I know I won’t go hungry!

Fancy Crab Dip

-One bottle of Good Cocktail Sauce (spend a little more for the non-generic kind)
-One Package of Cream Cheese
-One Can of Lump Crab Meat (again, spring for the good quality stuff)
-One box of fancy crackers

There are 2 Ways to make this Dish (both easy). I’ll first describe the way to make it as shown in the picture. Mix the crab, cream cheese, and cocktail sauce in a bowl. Mold into your favorite shape and serve with the fancy crackers.

In the second iteration, you place the cream cheese on a plate, top the cream cheese with the crab, and then pour all the cocktail sauce on the crab/cream cheese brick.

Both taste good! The second version allows your guests more freedom in choosing the proportion of crab to cheese to sauce.


Submitted by: Suzanne

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