Found Object #7 – Leucothans: Unknown Marine Animals

I wrote this paper for Marine Biology class; it was turned in on 5-20-94, according to the cover. That would have made me a 15 year old sophomore. After re-reading the paper, I surmised that the topic was our favorite marine animal. For some reason, I didn’t go with an actual existent marine animal, andContinue reading “Found Object #7 – Leucothans: Unknown Marine Animals”

Found Object #5 – What A Young Girl & Boy Should Know

When I went to slumber parties in middle school, we used to prank call 1-800-TAMPONS. The ladies at tampax would answer the phone and our ridiculous questions any time of night or day. We’d pick someone to call and then we’d try to think of the most absurd question. I don’t even know if TampaxContinue reading “Found Object #5 – What A Young Girl & Boy Should Know”

Found Object #2 – The Sex Pistols

As some of you may know, I’m a pack rat. I’ve saved stuff for decades, and now I’m going through everything to try to get rid of it. I’ve started this section of Champagne Thursday to help me throw away some of this old trash that I’ve been saving. Today’s found object is an articleContinue reading “Found Object #2 – The Sex Pistols”

Letter to Myself, circa 1996 (Found Object #1)

I went to Florence this past weekend to help clean up some more of my stuff that my parents have been storing in the bonus room. In one of the boxes of things I brought back to the beach, I found a letter I wrote to myself in August of 1996–right before I started college,Continue reading “Letter to Myself, circa 1996 (Found Object #1)”

Joe Walters Art at Beach First Center

At a recent visit to the new Beach First Center (the first LEED-NC building in the area), I happened to notice these really cool sculptures in the lobby. There are 100 pieces depicting the native flora & fauna of South Carolina. Upon further investigation, I found that the sculpture was the work of Joe Walters,Continue reading “Joe Walters Art at Beach First Center”