Now Collecting…Franciscan Radiance

I love going thrifting on a Saturday morning. Junk stores, thrift shops, yard sales, and flea markets hold the promise of treasure, and most of the fun is had during the hunt. Up until now, my main collections have been owls and tacky landscapes. Alas, my apartment is full of both of these items, and until Rob and I actually get house for a home (with more than 3 rooms), these collections have been put on temporary non-expansion orders. Now I’m going to collect a set of dishes.

China 1


These dishes are from Franciscan’s family china collection; the pattern is called Radiance, and it was produced from 1958-1961. I’m shooting for an eight piece set, and so far, my favorite piece is the crescent-shaped salad plate (see above). My current inventory includes: 6 bread & butter plates, 1 creamer, 1 sugar bowl, 1 salad plate, 1 relish tray, 6 small bowls, and 2 cups with saucers. I have a lot to collect! And if you’re ever out thrifting & see a relatively inexpensive piece of this china, buy it for me! I will reimburse you!

Mr. Owl

I have a “thing” for owls. They’re solitary, nocturnal hunters; they’re associated with the Greek goddess Athena and therefor now symbolize wisdom. The mournful and/or screeching call of an owl is also associated with death & misfortune. At any rate, I like to keep them on my side, symbolically & otherwise.

At the 2007 North Myrtle Beach St. Patrick’s Day festival, there was a vendor selling lovely wood-carved things. I bought Mr. Owl.

The Vendor
The Vendor

Mr. Owl
Mr. Owl

Mr. Owl & his friends
Mr. Owl and his friends

To contact the vendor to get your very own cool handcarved item: Joel & Irene Deguzman, Easley, Sc, irenenjoel @

Embroidered Landscape

Embroidered Landscape

This weekend, I was finally able to finish an embroidery I’ve been working on forever!

Over a year ago, I bought a barely started cottage embroidery scene at the bi-monthly Lutheran Sale at the church near my house. I was thinking about starting a new embroidery that I bought at another flea market, and then realized the cottage was still incomplete. I was able to practice a lots of lazy daisies and french knots.

I think it came out pretty well; it’s a perfect addition to my tacky landscape collection.

Tacky Landscapes

I have begun the somewhat laborious process of cataloging my infamous collection of Tacky Landscapes. This not-quite-world-renowned collection surrounds me in my bedroom; almost every square inch of wall is taken up by them.

Taken individually, they may seem quite ugly, but when viewed as a whole, they offer windows to different (highly-saturated) places and times. Additionally, each acquisition has its own story. Not a one cost more that $10 at a flea market except for the 2 Wallace Nutting hand-tinted mini photographs that I have. I got the piece above at a flea market in Conway, SC that no longer exists. I was visiting my parents during Spring Break while in my third year of grad school. My ex-boyfriend, Matt, was with me when I scored this amazing jig-sawed landscape. It’s really beautiful; the colors are great.

There are more still to come!