Now Collecting…Franciscan Radiance

I love going thrifting on a Saturday morning. Junk stores, thrift shops, yard sales, and flea markets hold the promise of treasure, and most of the fun is had during the hunt. Up until now, my main collections have been owls and tacky landscapes. Alas, my apartment is full of both of these items, andContinue reading “Now Collecting…Franciscan Radiance”

Mr. Owl

I have a “thing” for owls. They’re solitary, nocturnal hunters; they’re associated with the Greek goddess Athena and therefor now symbolize wisdom. The mournful and/or screeching call of an owl is also associated with death & misfortune. At any rate, I like to keep them on my side, symbolically & otherwise. At the 2007 NorthContinue reading “Mr. Owl”

Happy Valentine’s to Me!

Due to the extremely busy nature of my schedule last week; Rob and I were forced to postpone our Valentine’s celebration to Friday night. He gave me such a gorgeous right-hand ring, it was well worth the wait. Designed and handmade by Down to the Wire Designs on Etsy, Rob did a wonderful job pickingContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s to Me!”

Glass Fusion

In honor of America’s Birthday, I attended the North Carolina Fourth of July Festival in Southport, NC. One of the highlights of the day was visiting the craft fair in the park. My mom bought some beautiful iron pieces for ivy; I bought a beautiful vase from a local glass artisan, Stephanie Manke of Wilmington,Continue reading “Glass Fusion”

Tacky Landscapes

I have begun the somewhat laborious process of cataloging my infamous collection of Tacky Landscapes. This not-quite-world-renowned collection surrounds me in my bedroom; almost every square inch of wall is taken up by them. Taken individually, they may seem quite ugly, but when viewed as a whole, they offer windows to different (highly-saturated) places andContinue reading “Tacky Landscapes”