Me and Mom

Silent Cities at Brookgreen Gardens

On Sunday (February 10), Mama and me made it down to Brookgreen gardens to see the much anticipated Silent Cities Tour.

The tour is described as:

Walk through former slaves and plantation owners’ graveyards and hear about the historical burial customs of European and African origin.

It was actually a very cool little trip, and a beautiful day!

Charleston Visit

This weekend, I visited the Charleston Museum with my sister to check out their exhibit, “Foundations of Fashion: Two Centuries of Undergarments and Beauty Aids.” It was an interesting exhibit, despite its tiny size & bad location on the first floor under the stairs. Elizabeth (my sister) suggested the trip, and after our museum tour we went to Hyman’s to feast on some truly awesome seafood. Then we walked down King Street to do a little shopping & headed back to North Myrtle Beach for our Saturday night bowling tournament.


Here's a too-dark picture (no flash allowed) of my sister in the hoop skirt & corset

I’m really glad that I live in an age of fashion where the underwear, makeup, and hair choices are infinite, & it’s ok for a girl to wear dress and pants together.

Alligator Adventure

Yesterday, I took an afternoon fieldtrip to Alligator Adventure with my mom & cousin–Kalliemarie. It was hot, hot, hot but we had a lot of fun as we melted. They have 800 alligators that range in size from babies to huge 13′ adults that weigh 500-600 lbs, UTAN the 20′ “King of the Crocs,” and many other reptiles, birds, river otters, & black bears.

Beauty Queens

NC Watermelon Festival II

This past Saturday, we went to the NC Watermelon Festival in Fairbluff, NC. The day was rainy, so many of the pictures are gray. All-in-all we had a really fun day. My favorite part of the festival was the parade. It began with all of the emergency vehicles of Fairbluff, followed by 15 tractors of various types, 30 beauty queens, shriner’s clowns, and then more beauty queens. I can honestly say I’ve never seen more beauty queens in one place. They were from all over North Carolina–Miss Tobacco, Miss Peanut, Miss Sweet Potato, Miss Watermelon–and represented all age groups from Little Miss, Pre-teen, Miss, & Mrs. There were even a few Master’s thrown in. What’s a girl to do, but go out and buy a tiara?

NC Watermelon Festival I

Q: What is the only thing that makes the hot, humid weather of Carolina in July/August worthwhile?

A: Ice-Cold Watermelon.

That’s why this Saturday, I’m heading out to Fairbluff, NC–Home of the NC Watermelon Festival & My Aunt Tootsie. The event began in 1986 as a spin-off of a watermelon contest between two competitive friends-Monroe Enzor, Sr. and A.J. Worley. The 2005 Watermelon Festival has grown to become an event of GRAND proportion; Saturday’s schedule contains a Watermelon Contest, Craft Fair, Food, Entertainment, Auction, Parade, Seed-Spitting Contest, & Pageant. All these events occur in Fairbluff–a gorgeous little town on the banks of the Lumber River. Fairbluff is almost the epitome of the beautiful little Southern Town. My Aunt Tootsie & Uncle Jimmy own an old trading post on the river. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of the town & events.