Refinishing the Bathroom Vanity Top: Part 2

Medium View of Vanity Top

I realized that I hadn’t yet posted pictures of the completed vanity top in the master bathroom, so here goes!

Close-Up View of Vanity Top

Though the solution isn’t perfect, it definitely got rid of my biggest complaint with that vanity–swirly brown *ugh*. While we were updating, we changed out the faucets for something that coordinated with the other bathroom hardware we used – from Gatco’s Bleu collection. The Pegasus Dorset from Hope Depot was the most affordable coordinating faucet I could find. And it was super easy to install. Having used it for a couple of months now, I can definitely vouch for it’s quality. It feels quite substantial.

Medium View of Vanity Top

Full View of Vanity Top


  1. I see that you did this in 2010. I wanted to use this product on my cultured marble vanities and tub surrounds, but Rustoleum didn’t recommend it. I sitll want to use it, so i was curious how it’s holding up. Any updates?

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