Kansas He-Man Pot Roast

I don’t like to do much cooking in the summer that doesn’t involve a grill. However, this pot roast uses a slow cooker and is easy to make. If you don’t think of it as the perfect summer food, let this be a prelude to the autumn that lies before us.
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Now Collecting…Franciscan Radiance

I love going thrifting on a Saturday morning. Junk stores, thrift shops, yard sales, and flea markets hold the promise of treasure, and most of the fun is had during the hunt. Up until now, my main collections have been owls and tacky landscapes. Alas, my apartment is full of both of these items, and until Rob and I actually get house for a home (with more than 3 rooms), these collections have been put on temporary non-expansion orders. Now I’m going to collect a set of dishes.

China 1


These dishes are from Franciscan’s family china collection; the pattern is called Radiance, and it was produced from 1958-1961. I’m shooting for an eight piece set, and so far, my favorite piece is the crescent-shaped salad plate (see above). My current inventory includes: 6 bread & butter plates, 1 creamer, 1 sugar bowl, 1 salad plate, 1 relish tray, 6 small bowls, and 2 cups with saucers. I have a lot to collect! And if you’re ever out thrifting & see a relatively inexpensive piece of this china, buy it for me! I will reimburse you!