Flaming Lips 3

Flaming Lips

A couple of months ago, Rob bought us tickets to see the Flaming Lips show at the house of blues in North Myrtle Beach. The much-anticipated event was finally held last night. We had the best time ever. The Flaming Lips handed out laser pointers before the show; the laser pointers, confetti, balloons, crazy lighting, antics of the crowd, and the band just rocking out made for a truly awesome evening. Everyone should see these guys play live; It will fill your soul with joy!

Flaming Lips 1

Flaming Lips 2

Some more pics of the show, taken by others:

Flaming Lips 3

Flaming Lips 4

FLaming Lips 5

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  1. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    Really cute web site. I came here to see what you were doing in terms of crafting, and got the bonus of seeing the Flaming Lips in concert! (which I unfortunately haven’t gotten to do yet myself in person.) I like very much how you have the categories set up– clever!

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